It begins with a little snooze…

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4:15 am. My alarm goes off. Time to jump out of bed, but, wait… “You only got four hours of sleep” my mind reminds me. “You don’t have to force yourself, just 5 more minutes…You have plenty of time. You can still do everything you scheduled!”

Sounds very convincing and true. And like a puppet on a string my hand hits the snooze button…

I hug my blanket a little tighter and enjoy few more minutes of sleep. Then a few more… It’s no harm… Finally I get up at 4:33 feeling groggy and still tired. Snoozing didn’t help me to feel any better. In fact, it made me feel worse. For most people’s standards 4:33 am is still very early. For me too. Yet I made a decision to begin my day before sunrise, exactly at 4:15 am. And with FIRST alarm! A commitment. And I failed…

I am a Certified High Performance Coach – more so Performance Mastery Coach. There is a subtle difference between these titles. High Performance is more about the physical aspect of life, something visible and doable. You can see the results of your labor. Performance Mastery, on the other hand, is more about mastering the unseen, the mind. This is where we start our conversation about “potential.” Human potential lies in the world of the “unseen”, like the invisible body of an iceberg hidden beneath the water surface.

What does “snooze” have to do with potential?


I remember the day vividly. I was in my meditation when I almost heard the voice. “You want to become the Master? Begin with your wake-up time. Master the “wake-up.”

WOW!!! I was a “snooze queen” for years. No. More like for a lifetime! Mornings were my hardest time of the day. I guess people would call me a “night owl.” But it wasn’t serving me. I had to change. I wanted to change. I was tired of being late everywhere and putting off for later things that were difficult for me. I was feeling intensely jealous of all those people that were organized, on time, productive, and early risers. Sure, I had many beautiful qualities within me too. And I was successful. But I really wanted those qualities “they” had: impeccability, strength of heart, discipline.

I watched my best friend become a World Bronze Medalist in figure skating because she had that ability to do the “difficult.” Everyday I would wake up after 3-4 snoozes telling myself, “This this is the last time.” “Tomorrow I will start new life.” I didn’t see that “tomorrow” is a “snooze” on today! I didn’t see that extra piece of chocolate, or bread, or order of french fries was a “snooze” on my health, on my body. On my Self.

On my LIFE!

Mastering the “wake-up” is not about getting up at 4:15 am every morning. It’s not about having an early start for the day. It’s not about time at all.

It’s about conquering your mind. It’s about awareness. It’s about transformation. You must have heard the phrase, “Mind over matter.” It is true. Your mind rules over your body. However, you are not your mind. If your mind becomes your master you are doomed!

An untrained mind is like an untrained dog. It loves you. But it chews your furniture, poops in the corners of your house, and pees on the carpet. It rationalizes that it’s OK just this one time… then one more. Then one more. Until it becomes a very powerful habit that is very difficult to break. “Your habits create YOU!” my spiritual teacher would say. It took me a while to really grasp this idea, to make it my own! The truth is, it’s not about “mind over matter.” It’s about YOU over mind, then mind over matter.

Where in your life are you “snoozing”? How would your life improve if “snoozing” was no longer an option? How would your life turn around if you learned the techniques of mastering your mind?

Imagine for a moment what would happen to the top of an iceberg if you started transforming the part under water?

Think further… What would its impact be on the ocean? Earth? Atmosphere? Solar system? Universe? One ripple in the water changes the world. One “iceberg” that no longer snoozes does far more. That’s the power of transforming the mind.

Are you ready to make a change?

Contact me to find out how you could work with me on changing your life by training your mind.

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