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Do you want to have more confidence, vibrancy, focus, rapport and influence? If the answer is “YES” read on…

Yesterday, I sent you a letter where I introduced you to the 7 areas of focus for successful speaking (and business) with the promise to take on each area individually.

So, today I’d like to pick presence.

Recently, I stopped by a local bicycle store and was surprised  to see a beautiful turquoise chameleon resting on the wooden branch enhancing the sales counter. Fascinated by the unusual animal, I wanted to take a closer look. The chameleon was sitting to the left of me, looking in the opposite direction. Slowly, I took a breath in and while holding it, stepped quietly towards the animal. Aware of my presence, it tensed and moved one eye in my direction, readying for possible danger. The gap between us was still at least 2 feet apart, yet the creature knew I was there…

Just as a chameleon sensed my presence, we too are very sensitive to the presence of others. Without one word, we can establish a friendly or hostile contact. To be liked or disliked, trusted or untrusted. The difference between us— humans and animals, is that we often ignore this powerful tool available to us. In the animals’ world, their very survival depends on their own presence and the sensitivity to the presence of others. In the sports and performing arts, the same is true. Those with more “presence”  achieve  greater results and notoriety, develop more influence and impact the world.

As ambitious figure skating coach, with a dream of coaching at the Olympics, I realized this early in my career. In skating, we called presence the “IT” factor. Some athletes had “IT” and others didn’t. I didn’t believe it to be true and dedicated many years of my life studying what “IT” was and developing the methodology on how to consistently and quickly teach “IT” to all of my students, which I did with huge success.

As I moved away from skating, I noticed that presence is just as important for success in business and personal relationships as it was in skating competitions. However, just like in skating, only very elite speakers and entrepreneurs are consciously aware of this “quality” and have consistent rituals and discipline to develop more of IT. I was surprised how successful I became the very first time I spoke publicly, all because of the years of dedicated to presence practice. I was immediately labeled as a “natural speaker.”

In my Warrior Speaker Boot Camp, will teach you the very same tools and techniques I used to teach my elite skaters and myself to develop world-class presence. You will be shocked how quickly you’ll be able to go into “presence” state, become more vibrant, confident, and centered. In the small class setting you will receive individualized attention, so you will feel and see the immediate difference.

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To your success,

Coach Faye

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