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“His voice is deep and gravelly. I once heard one of the girls say that he had the voice of a sex god, but because I’ve never really heard what a sex god sounds like, I can’t verify that.” – M. Marcchetta

He sent me a wink, I sent a smile, he sent a message, I sent a response. On-line dating at it’s best. Ever experienced that? Okay, I admit it! I fell prey to on-line marketing machine promising to find you the “forever-after-perfectly-engineered-scientific-match.”  After five-line exchange it was obvious that we were meant for each other and agreed to Skype for our first date. My search was over, and at the appointed time we exchanged the first “Helloes!”  And right there in an instant it was all over for me. I couldn’t stand hearing his high pitch, monotoned voice, not at all a voice of a “sex god,” not my “sex god” anyway. No matter how much I tried to convince myself to change my mind. I politely found a way to finish a conversation and we never talked again. It wasn’t his fault, and he never even knew why I didn’t want to continue.

Until that day I never gave a thought to the power our voice carries in everyday communication, relationship, presentation or business. However, it wasn’t apparent to me that we can actually train our voices so they sound in a way that people want to hear us. We don’t have to be stuck with only one voice! As a matter of fact we should have different voices for different situations. To become a world-class speaker I sought out the best voice teachers in the world. Just last weekend was spent at the Voice of Success intensive with renowned Roger Love. Roger trained such stars as Tony Robbins, John Grey, Brendon Burchard as well as illustrious singers— Jacksons and Beach Boys. My friend, Giedrius Reklaitis, took scrupulous notes during the training and put them together. He graciously allowed me to share his notes with you. Click here to read his notes.

When you attend Warrior Speaker Boot Camp this Saturday, you will learn and practice the best of the voice exercises I do daily. These exercises were specifically distilled for their effectiveness to produce the fastest results in improving strength of your vocal cords, volume, pitch, tonality and projection.

You can’t even begin to imagine the tremendous value you will receive from attending WSBC!

To learn more about it, click here. You can still get an Early Bird Discount if you register now, and as a special BONUS for the first ones to take action —45 min private consultation with me, valued at $500!!! But… you must fill out this questionnaire.

I am thrilled to be your coach and guide to success!

Coach Faye

P.S. Tomorrow, we will talk about body language for congruent delivery of your message. Stay tuned!

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