My Perfect Day

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I had an interesting realization today. A friend of mine asked: “How is your day going?” Thinking about how my day has been unfolding I winced. All the minutes and hours I wasn’t productive with my time, all the wasted opportunities, procrastination… passed through my mind.

“Good… but not as good as I wanted it to be…” I replied. Once I hang up the phone the statement “not as good as I wanted it to be” stuck with me. Suddenly I heard this voice asking:

“Is it really true? Is it true that your day didn’t unfold to your liking?”

“Of course it is!” I heard myself reply in irritation, coming up with all the proofs of absolute certainty in my rightness. On spur of moment I stopped, hearing myself rumbling all the pathetic excuses. What’s the point to argue with this voice when the fact is, if I wanted to have a different day, really different, I could have made different choices.


I could have set my alarm clock half an hour earlier…

I could have jump out of bed without snoozing the alarm five times…

I could have made it to the morning yoga class…

I could have…

I had an opportunity to choose exactly what I wanted to do, and I did. The outcome of my choices may not be a reflection of “what I wanted,” but I always had a choice to do exactly as I wished in the moment. Therefore, the naked, plain truth is–my day unfolded perfectly, exactly as I wanted, and it always does!


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