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A White Hat and Rose Colored Glasses ss

Today I’m sending you an incredible offer — this week my friend Susan Sherbert is releasing an amazing new book and I think you are really going to enjoy her insights.  “A White Hat & Rose Colored Glasses: Unlocking Your Power Through Clarity & Action” is all about rediscovering the imagination, confidence, and fearless thinking you had as a child. Her lessons and stories help you fight through your limiting beliefs to achieve more success in both your personal life and in business.

As part of a combined effort to change lives and make the launch of Susan’s thought-provoking new book a success, you will receive FREE bonus material from some amazing business partners and lifestyle experts. Read more about these inspiring gifts at because when you order this book online during this initial launch period, within minutes you will have access to bonus eBooks, movies, mini-courses, and meditations — $1500 worth of material.
Susan Sherbert’s book has already received glowing early endorsements from people like Mike Ludlum, VP of Operations for Entrepreneur Magazine:
“Susan Sherbert’s remarkable insights will help you transform your old way of
thinking and have you looking at problems from a different angle. Being fearless
enough to think big and remove the cloud of doubt and self-defeating thinking
to achieve a clear vision are essential for success in the business world. Susan’s book
gives you all the tools you need to see where you’re going and what you need to do to
win. A must-read for any entrepreneur!”

Along with this must-read book, you will gain access to amazing coaching material, ebooks, and inspirational videos that will help you grow and become more successful — $1,500 in value for less than $15. All you need to do is send your Amazon receipt or order confirmation or fill out the form on to instantly gain access to your awesome bundle of gifts.

After reading only a few pages you will be thanking me for recommending this
. “A White Hat & Rose Colored Glasses” shares some truly interesting lessons Susan has gained over the years. Her simple yet often profound approach will…
  • Help you reinvigorate your imagination and creativity
  • Offer practical advice to help you see the things you need to see
  • Show you how to avoid over-thinking in many situations
  • Discover sparks of inspiration to find the clarity that leads to your success
  • Improve your confidence so you are more willing to try new things
  • Motivate you to find your passion and vision for a better you
  • Create a simplified approach to bring awareness to your limiting beliefs
The book is also easy to read with a plentiful helping of humor and perspective-changing anecdotes! And of course, when you order now you will receive free gifts from experts, life-coaches, business owners, and bestselling authors like Ursula Mentjes, Wendy Merron, Jennifer Urezzio, Michelle Skaletski-Boyd, Dr. Joe Rubino, Estra Roell, Leisa Reid, and so many more. You can read all about these wonderful people and wonderful gifts at

Right now is your opportunity to grab Susan Sherbert’s book about finding clarity and action by discovering the power of child-like thinking, and gain access to an extraordinary package of gifts from people who motivate, inspire, and help others find their purpose, passion, and success!

Shift those limiting beliefs and start your journey now! Order Your Copy Today!!

Coach Faye