Blessings for You this 2016

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“If you asked me for my New Year Resolution, it would be to find out who I am” ~ Cyril Cusack

I love starting emails, blogs, chapters with a quote. If you are like me, you tried to Google quotes for the New Year, and you found that most of them talk about one thing—goals. It may be expressed as “dreams”, “vision”, “resolution” but all in all it’s about goals. I admit that I frequently fell into the category of people who are excited and optimistic to start a “new” life in the next year, then fall off the wagon, then patiently wait for the next year to start over!…. Unless….

Here is what I have discovered that helps you set those goals and complete them!

1.    It’s not about completion of a goal. It’s about BECOMING A PERSON WHO SEES HIS GOALS THROUGH TO THE END!

2. It’s about being INSPIRED!

3. It’s about WHY that will benefit the greater good! You must keep reminding yourself of WHY you decided to pursue this project in the first place!

4. It’s about stretching, growing and learning!

5. It’s about discovering Who I can be, What am I capable of!

Here are simple, fun rituals I do every year on the New Years Eve:

1.    Take a few minutes to write out a gratitude for the amazing things that took place last year, and for the lessons learned.

2.    On another piece of paper, write out the intentions for the next year. At the top of the sheet write the following: “This or something better for the highest good of all concerned.

Then proceed with:

3.    “If I had the most amazing year what would it look like? I intend…”

4.    Read what you wrote. Allow your subconscious mind absorb it. Burn both papers at midnight and let the Universe receive your gratitude and wishes.

5.    Introduce your family and friends to this ritual and do it all together for a fun and meaningful way to celebrate.

If you have your own ritual you are following, I’d love to hear it!

For a more in-depth work, download the chapter of my book here, and use it as a template to write a vision for a year ahead. Also, I’ve planned some awesome events coming up, both locally and online to work on Clarity for the year ahead. Stay tuned for the information on it.

I am wishing you the most amazing, successful, prosperous year yet!



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