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February 12, 2006. Geneva. My plane landed and I entered the luggage area to pick up my bags. I was in a daze. Was this really happening?!? Only 48 hours ago I was giving my final words of encouragement to my celebrity student— Sasha Cohen, en route to her Olympic battle for the coveted goal— an Olympic Gold Medal. As I gave her my final hug, she looked at me and casually asked, “Could you do me a favor?” “Anything you want, Sasha!” “Can you meet me in Italy tomorrow?” I was startled, confused, surprised at the very least. I wanted to go so badly, but she never asked, not until this last moment, and I already accepted the fact that I wasn’t going with her. But in those few seconds everything changed. I gasped for air, “Yes!”

Now, two days later I was in Geneva, trying to figure out my way to the small Italian village in the heart of the Alps, where I was going to train Sasha for the dream of her life. Somewhere deep inside me I knew that this trip was going to change my life. Yet, I never imagined the magnitude of what was actually happening. I thought my stellar career in coaching skating is finally going to be what I have always dreamt about…

But Sasha made a small split second mistake in her performance and the Olympic Gold Medal, the dream of a life was lost. It was that quick! In a split second, lives were changed, and they went on the soul-searching journeys for an answer.

Perhaps, it’s not a surprise that the Olympics became a point of transformation for all of us, for myself. Weaknesses are revealed under pressure, and here I realized that to succeed at a higher level I needed something more than just skills, I needed a mindset, a purpose, a vision. Heart. I didn’t know that to acquire these “skills” I will start my life over, earn new degrees, write a book, learn  public speaking, speak at conferences, radio shows and TV, change careers, get divorced… I didn’t know that an innocent  sentence “Could you meet me in Italy tomorrow?” could transform one’s life and shift the direction of a lifetime. It’s impossible to convey the lessons learned on this quest in a few sentences.

But this week I am celebrating 10 years of my rebirth. 10 years of search, struggles and wins in every imaginable way: mentally, physically, emotionally, financially, but most importantly: spiritually! The journey led me to discovering my answers to forever questions humans asked throughout the millennia: Who am I? Why am I here? What is my contribution into the world? My discoveries can be read in my book: Choreography of Awakening.

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It begins with my journey to the 2006 Winter Olympics in Torino, and shares with you the lessons learned on the path. If you are someone who is asking yourself those three existential questions, going through the pains of transformation, or looking for the ways to make sense of life and get the best out of it, then you MUST read my book. It will change your life as sure as the stories in it have changed mine. On this 10 year anniversary I decided to autograph 100 copies of my book for those motivated to step up and change their lives. If that’s you, go to my website and order your copy today! I will hand write a customized, meaningful message to you alone!

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We will dive-in into answering your own existential questions of Who you are? Why are you here? What is your contribution into the world? Or any other question you may have.

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