Do you know what does every Olympic athlete has in common?

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COACH. Athletes hire coaches because they want to reach their potential, get results, become the best they can be. They can’t do it alone. They want support, feedback, acknowledgment, accountability, push and a pull. They want a coach who will inspire them, believe in them, and hold the vision for them of what’s possible.

If you are not an athlete you might ask, “Why should I consider hiring a coach? What are the benefits of powerful coaching? How can it serve me?”

I am glad you’ve asked. Perhaps you are already successful in what you are doing but feel stuck at the level you are at.

You know you are way more capable, but can’t seem to break through some habits that are holding you back. You want to create a greater impact in the world as a leader, be more fulfilled, inspired, balanced, have more energy and fun. Maybe you feel your life lost its meaning and you want to find a new purpose, reignite passion. Maybe it’s time to explore what’s possible for you!

Uncover your hidden capacities and blind spots so that you can make more confident choices to achieve the impact you want to have in your life.

Align all of your capacities to the key challenges you face and leading from this integrated perspective.

Create a compelling future state that will powerfully move you or your organization forward.

Integrate new or refined behaviors and identifying high-leverage actions that will elevate your own performance and that of your organization.

Redefine your notion of success as originating from the essence of who you are as a person and how you impact others.

Deepen your understanding of yourself.

A Manchester Consulting Group study of Fortune 100 executives reported that “coaching resulted in a Return On Investment of almost six times the program cost as well as improvements in relationships, teamwork, job satisfaction and quality.” If you are a forward thinking leader and can see that Transformational Coaching will further you, then your next step is simple.

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To your success,

Coach Faye