Celebrate with Me on my Mom’s 68th Birthday

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Hey Champions,

Today is a really special day for me. Today would have been my Mom’s 68th birthday if she didn’t transition 5 years ago… Yet, I want to celebrate my Mamochka with you, because without her I wouldn’t be who I am today. Truth be told, we didn’t always have a beautiful relationship, there were a lot of difficulties and personality clashes.  I didn’t always appreciate who she was. However, all past hurts aside, Mamochka taught me critical life lessons, such as believing in myself. No, she never told me, ”Faen’ka, believe in yourself…” She taught me by example, by the way she approached life. Unfortunately, I didn’t realize this until a year after she passed, and I was writing my book “Choreography of Awakening”.  As I was working on the chapter about my mom, I suddenly saw her differently! I saw a courageous little woman in her 40’s coming to America without much education, English, or money. How relentlessly she was creating an American Dream for herself and her family; never taking “no” for an answer, always pushing. She helped thousands of new, scared immigrants to start new lives in America. She was not a life coach like I am, she worked as an admissions director at the vocational school in New York City. After her passing, people would call me and share stories of my Mom, and how she changed their lives. I would just sit, listen, and wonder that I am actually living my life in the footsteps of my Mom’s.

So today is Mamochka’s 68th birthday. I wish I could gift her my book, and she could go on and brag about it to her friends…But…she never got to see it… So… instead, I decided to give my book to you, in her honor. See the link below.

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Please be sure to read Chapter 8. It is called “I know I can”. It’s about my parents. It’s about beliefs. It’s about perseverance.  Their story is so inspiring! It will inspire you to Make the Impossible Possible! Because “there are no limits in human potential, there are limits in human beliefs!” Use the link below and get my book today for free.

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It’s only available through the weekend in honor of my mom’s birthday. Celebrate with me! Share with your mom! Follow your heart and know, that I believe in you!

With much love and gratitude,

Coach Faye