On this Christmas Eve

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Christmas Eve, again. It holds so many meanings for each of us. A season of giving, loving, celebrating and reflecting. For some of us, it is an evening of Joy for others regrets and sadness. I feel as if I’ve been avoiding writing this letter to you. After all, my cup has been full in the past couple of months, and I seriously didn’t have the time or mental power to think beyond the immediacy of what my plate was holding in front of me. I am grateful for this day, as I chose to stop, reflect and finally write this letter. Honestly, I have not been practicing the art of writing for almost two months. I feel clunky and cumbersome. Words come with difficulty. I could easily send out a card or few words of “Blessings for Holiday Season” and ‘Thinking of you.” However, I wanted this to be meaningful and transformational for you, the reader, and for me, the writer. It is my intention to use every moment in service to learning and growing, and writing is one of those moments. As I am writing this in my office, looking out of the window, it’s hailing! Is it a sign? Perhaps. I want my words to land on you today like hail lands on the earth. It falls hard, with an impact, and then melts as it hits the ground, penetrating the surface with its life-bearing power. What words could I choose to bring this bang?
A quote, pinned to my refrigerator comes to mind. When I first heard it, it hit me like lightning. The simplicity and truth, reflection and call to action. Today I want to gift you with these words, as well as to endow you with the responsibility to share them with others if you feel so called.

“People live the same year 75 times and call it life.”

I hope you shook your head, exhaled and said, “I am so grateful it’s not me! I kick ass every day and live my life with purpose and mission, joy and service. I wake up every morning with enthusiasm and question “what’s next?” and make bold strokes in the direction of my dreams.”
However, if reading this left you feeling regretful, then perhaps, this letter is your call to action, the whisper of your heart, the longing of your soul. I know the pain of starting over. It’s hard and clunky. But you are not alone. In the darkest moments of our lives when nothing seems to work, and no one seems to care, remember that! Receiving this letter today is the proof of that! As the Christmas morning sun will rise upon you, you will remember Today is the first day of the new, exciting, fulfilling, meaningful, inspiring, bold, creative, courageous, awakened, authentic, compassionate, disciplined, energized, abundant, enthusiastic, healthy, caring, loving life. Because you choose that for yourself! And when you make this choice, please share it with me, and that will be your gift to me.

Merry Christmas!