The Next Level

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I hear all the time, people and coaches talk about “taking it to the next level.” This is a special lingo at the beginning of the year especially! People are excited about it!
It reminded me of the time when I coached skating, and I got a 5-year old new student, a little boy. I asked him what did he want to learn and he proudly told me that he wanted to go to the Olympics. “That’s a fantastic goal!” I said, “What is Olympics?”
Boy: “I don’t know.”
I: “Why do you want to go there?”
Boy: “My mom said it’s good!”
I find that we throw words like “Going to the next level” in the same manner as the little boy was talking Olympics. In skating when we were talking levels, it meant learning a new jump, or qualifying to Nationals, or reaching a particular score at a competition. It was clear, measurable and timed. When this “Next Level” is defined in specific actions it is attainable. So, what is your “Next Level” this year?
Mine: releasing new product line and online course, and getting a major speaking engagement (in the outer life), (in the inner life) become more consistent with my morning rituals than last year, and take bolder action in moving forward so I can trust myself more. Now these ‘more’ and ‘bolder’ are measurable for me because I track every single one of my days and very aware of my performance. Would love to hear about your Next Level!