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My dear friends, family and supporters,

I am so excited to invite you to participate in my first on-line-book-launch-party on Wednesday, June 25th!

Many of you have watched and been inspired of this dream coming true that took over two and a half years to create, and a lifetime of hard work, learning and dedication to even come close to the point of conception. In the video below I’ve tried to capture the essence of this journey. I know it is my journey; however, it isn’t mine alone, it is ours, it is yours, and it is a hero’s journey! “Choreography of Awakening” is a metaphor, guide and inspiration. It was written with that intention, with the intention to awaken your absolute highest potential and discover your purpose. As I wrote sentence after sentence, word after word, chapter after chapter, I was discovering truths hidden beneath the fabric of our perceived reality. I didn’t know how it would unfold, how it will be received, how it will find its way to survival. And then, the comments from my first readers started coming in:
“I love your book…”,
“Your book is helping me to stay focused…,”
“I finished your book last week-WOW!”….
”Loving your book…,”
“I LOVE your book! It’s full of wisdom, magic and it’s fun to read!”
“It’s breathtaking! Powerful! It suffocated me in the throat area…”
“I LOVE your book….I’m waking up the sleeping dragon….sparked some really fun, really intense, surprising energies in me…I LOVE IT!”
“I just finished your book! I loved it!!!! This WILL be a best seller!!!”
“I am so thankful for your gift of honesty that stirred my soul. This book will change lives…..”

I can’t tell you how humbling this was and is! And I so hope that those of you who’ve been on the fence, who haven’t experienced my book yet, will now!
On Wednesday, June 25th, my book will be offered on sale for $11.00, which is more than 45% off the suggested retail price. For those of you, who are Kindle lovers, it will be offered at $1.99. In addition, my fellow friend, colleague and writer Ken Dickson, will gift the first 20 buyers a Kindle version of his book– “Detour from Normal”. And lastly, the first three buyers will receive a 30 min coaching session in person, or can Skype with me personally! How does that work? Once you purchase your copy, Kindle or paperback, email your receipt through the contact form on my website. This offer will only be available on Wednesday, June 25th. This launch will help to drive “Choreography of Awakening” to the best-selling list. I know it’s possible! I invite you to be a part of one little girl’s dream…. From the bottom of my heart–I thank you…

Dedicated to my late parents: Gita and Valery Kovler..

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