Quick fix vs. long term results

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“Your life will change in three days,” proclaims the headline to another seminar. I’ve seen it over and over again. “If you skate with me, you’ll do a Double Axel in a week!” Wow! I’d love to have that Double Axel pill along with the pill for a weight loss–30 lbs in less than a week! Wouldn’t that be nice? But then…. Who would you be, if every accomplishment came in a pill, with no effort, no struggle of any kind, no breakthrough….

What was it like growing up in the Soviet Union?

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IMG_4207Growing up in the Soviet Union was an interesting experience. Sometimes people are curious about it, especially when they hear my accent. After the usual, “Where are you from?” Comes the next question, “What was it like?”
It’s not easy to summarize 18 years of my life (ok, let’s say 12 conscious years) into a couple of minutes of the “window of opportunity” I have with their attention. (let’s face it, with all the technology, and an insane amount of information we are bombarded with constantly, people today have ADD, and are too interested in themselves to stay and listen to someone’s else’s old boring story, even if they’ve asked for it) I have to distill my story into something relevant and meaningful to them to keep their attention. Are you still here with me, or I’ve already lost you? 😉

Anyway, back to the story! Nothing mattered more in the ol’ lil USSR than the relationship and connection. Who you knew mattered more, than how much you’ve made. Although, it did matter how much you were willing to pay to the special person who had a connection to another special person, who had an access to the special product (like cheese, or meat, or toilet paper) you wanted to buy. Of course, not everyone was willing to participate in the behind-the-curtain economy, but then those who didn’t–wiped their butts with cut newspapers and ate bread, potatoes and macaroni-without-sauce most of the times. My mother, though, was determined to fare better than the rest, and we frequently had beef and chicken on our table, despite it’s obvious absence on the shelves of the supermarkets.
Unfortunately, I was too young to learn how exactly that system worked, and how my mother mastered the art of obtaining that, that wasn’t available to most. My mother was an expert!…..

Sometimes I think what would my mother do if she was still here in this dimension and needed to get more reviews for her book on the Amazon. How would she ask for it, or bribe? What would she offer in exchange, and how many reviews or FB likes would she collect as a result? It’s too bad I can no longer ask her, but the only thing I can do right now is to ask YOU “Would you be willing to go here and write a review for my book?” Of course I meant those of you who have read it! 🙂 Would you? Those of you who does write a review for me, I’d like to send you a small token of appreciation: a special report: Seven Tips To Stay Inspired Every Day of Your Life.
Thank you soooo much!!!! In gratitude with love! ❤
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When Magic Happens

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It was a beautiful Tuesday morning when I opened my eyes to welcome a new, early April, day. Nothing was indicating that it will become a day of huge transformation. I had no plan. I just had a spontaneous thought, that it’s time I became a speaker. I knew for a while that I was being directed towards this path, but avoided making any steps in the direction of speaking. I played a safe-zone game — “I don’t know where to start,” “I don’t know how to do it…,” “I don’t have time…'” etc. I am sure, you could add a few more lines to this list.

That morning I was almost jolted by the voice, “Toastmasters!”

“Okaaaay…” I thought, and dragged my half-awake body to the computer to check on the local Toastmasters clubs. To tell you the truth, I’ve done that before several times. I even went to the meetings; twice, at two different clubs. My rate of going was once per year, hardly a serious attempt to become a speaker. This time something was different. I felt ready and committed! I now had a clear vision: “I am a speaker! I am a world class speaker!”

Google search showed a few results for my zip code, but only one on Tuesday afternoon. It was near my house, and I had just enough time to get ready and go check it out!

Now, a little disclosure and a side-note. Some of you know that I used to coach figure skating. Many of us, in skating and sports, are a little superstitious. I am not superstitious, but if there are signs, I follow 😉

Let me tell you about my little weakness: Tesla. A year ago in a “create-your-perfect-vision” game I saw it! — I am speaking around the world and driving Tesla. You may wonder why I am talking about Tesla. Tesla is my omen. If I see Tesla when I go somewhere, I believe something important will happen. That Tuesday morning I was escorted by Tesla behind me and lead by the one in front of me. That day I had a “convoy” of Teslas taking me to the Toastmasters Club 219. Coincidence? Sure! However, I have never before been escorted like this! I took it as a request from the Universe: “Join NOW! It’s time!”

It’s been six months since that Tuesday April morning, and I am near a completion of my Competent Speaker certificate. I’ve been practicing relentlessly every single day! I’ve created many speaking opportunities for myself, took classes and attended workshops, and have been invited to speak at a few events. It was (is) most humbling to be recognized and supported by my fellow club members. Perhaps, people feel and connect to the passion I hold in my heart. I have a purpose! My life has a meaning! I LOVE what I do! I am contributing to the World as well as I can. Today, Toastmaster, an official magazine for Toastmasters International published a Member Moment about me and a couple of pearls of wisdom I could share with the world.  Almost a whole page!  Of course, I knew it was coming, just like I knew that one day my book, freshly printed, will arrive by my door. However, I must attest, anticipation and real experience are not the same thing! It was breathtaking!

I had no idea that there are 313,000 Toastmaster members in 126 countries around the globe, and I was chosen for a spotlight! Wow! Surprised? Not completely!

I coach my clients the power of living as a world-class citizen. That Tuesday morning I have decided that I am a world-class speaker. Being a world-class speaker comes with certain practices and responsibilities. Being a “world-class” isn’t about fame, success and money. It’s about discipline, commitment and inspiration. It’s about responsibility. Not one soul, except for you, knows that you are a “world-class.” However, I teach my clients, and I firmly believe this! one day you are bound to be recognized by the world as a world-class, if you consistently live as one. It cannot be any other way! I am very happy that this article has been published, and more people will become aware of the message I intend to share with the world. I am happy that I can tell my students and clients, “Look! Don’t worry about making it, or not making it! Focus on living as a world-class self one day at a time, fully-enjoying it!  The day will come when the World will recognize you!” And just like that, Toastmasters International publishes this article as an affirmation to my beliefs, teachings, and a way of life….

If you click the link below you will be directed to the article. If you are interested to learn more about world-class living, and how you could step into Unstoppable YOU, check out the event page for the next event I hold. To see me in action–speaking, click here.


Robin Williams

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Yesterday one of my favorite actors–Robin Williams, took his life. For a moment, as I read the article, I sat motionless, dumbfounded. “Did it really happen? Why?” As I thought more deeply about this, I realized, as shocking as it is, that now he is just a number, a statistics. Almost 3000 people die daily of the suicides, and this number doesn’t include the ones who have attempted to take their lives, but didn’t succeed. Robin Williams is only different in that, that he is a celebrity. In a way, his act of willful departure from the physical world raised our awareness to a global problem we are facing. The daunting statistics is such that more people die of suicide than AIDS or even car accidents!!!

My dad was killed in a car accident. My mother was in the car with him, she survived. They had an argument, when their car lost control on the freeway. In a hushed voice my mother was contemplating with me if he orchestrated the whole thing. My dad was depressed, financially stressed, and over 50. The truth will never be found, but he certainly met the suicidal criteria…

Williams was suffering from drug and alcohol abuse, perhaps, he was just suffering. Period! While reading the article the following paragraph had drawn my attention:

“The actor spent time on a Hazelden campus in Oregon in 2006. He later explained that drinking had gradually become a problem again after 20 years of sobriety.
“You’re standing at a precipice and you look down, there’s a voice and it’s a little quiet voice that goes, ‘Jump,’” the “Mrs. Doubtfire” star told ABC News in October of that year. “The same voice that goes, ‘Just one.’ …

“The same voice that goes, ‘Just one.’…. It is this voice that  sabotages everything! It is this voice that makes us  procrastinate. It is this voice that makes us overeat. It is this voice that can turn sweet and kind to persuade you into it’s losing game. It is this voice that will criticise you to no end in the worst kind of way. It is this voice that we choose to believe and follow like puppets on the strings. It is this voice that would convince you to cut the strings and take your own life….

And now imagine you are no longer listening to this voice. You’ve learned to recognize it for what it is. You’ve learned to hear it and dismiss it. You’ve learned to master your game, and put this voice into the passenger’s seat! You’ve learned to take charge of your life!

I don’t want to sugarcoat anything. To win over voice takes practice, takes discipline! When I coach my clients, I share with them what it takes to develop that inner core, inner strength that will carry you through the most difficult situations. I ask my clients to recite this mantra  ‘Your habits create YOU’, ‘Your habits create YOU’, ‘Your habits create YOU’. We create new habits, new rituals, new practice, new YOU. It has to become intentional, focused, directed, like a perfectly landscaped garden, that  always needs to be maintained. You can’t walk away from it and hope it’ll stay perfect forever. Inevitably, abandoned, it will grow weeds.

What is your practice, ritual? Would love to hear your thoughts and comments. Please share below.

Mirror, mirror, on the wall….

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10645096_10152659933964547_5353767089466624364_nI was standing in front of the mirror in the dressing room in the upscale department store, looking at the reflection of the pretty, fit and lean brunette in a beautiful cocktail dress. She turned right and left in front of the mirror, trying to find the usual flaws in her appearance. The mirror was true to itself and continued reflecting back an attractive body standing in front of it. I was surprised, because only couple of hours ago in a different mirror this very same body didn’t look as lean. In another mirror the image was that of a shorter, stockier body, not the one I so wanted to see…. I turned around again…. Sigh…. It downed on me that perhaps a store was using ‘skinny’ mirrors. People would look thinner and more attractive to themselves in their mirrors, and would purchase more clothes.
I walked out without a dress. I didn’t trust the mirror there to buy this dress. How often would I buy something that looked so good on me at the store, but looked awful at home!.. Then it downed on me… How can I possibly know the truth? Which mirror is saying the truth? The skinny one or the fat one? The reflection in the mirror is just that! A reflection! An Illusion! Neither one is truth! How many unhealthy decisions are made daily by thousands….millions?!?! of women based on believing this reflection, which is being seen through the filters of our perception of ourselves? The perceptions and expectations of the society? The perceptions and beliefs of our unworthiness? How often did I avoid looking at this mirror avoiding being disappointed in myself…. Ladies!!!! This mirror thing is NOT a true representation of who you are, or even what you look like! You are magnificent, gorgeous, amazing beings! Worthy of love and appreciation! Worthy of adoration! You are a miracle! and so am I!
I love you all!!!

Last Call…

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IMG_3915Getting ready to present tonight at the Evening of Inspiration, Gong Healing and Book Signings at the Awakenings Center for Spiritual Living. Just writing these words puts me in the state! Almost four years ago on my birthday I firewalked to the thunderous voice of Tony Robbins. When Tony spoke, my heart was pumping faster, and I could feel a surge of energy. When I came home from the event, I was almost dancing. I think I’ve announced to some family members that I am going to be a speaker. I was 41 and super accomplished figure skating coach. People looked at me as if I was out of my mind. They told me so, too! Some did, who had guts to say it, instead of just nodding politely….They also told me that it was impossible….
“Well,” I thought, “People told me that it was impossible to make it to the Nationals, let alone win it, and don’t even dare to dream to become an Olympic coach!” That’s totally “impossible”……It was….. for them…I was able to breakthrough all their “impossible barriers…” Becoming a bestselling author and world class speaker couldn’t be more difficult than that! So, why not give it a try? Come to support me, and give me a feedback…. What do you think? Do you think I could do it one day? What could you do one day? What’s your dream?….

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Some days I wake up feeling like I don’t want to get out of bed… Did I forget my mission, my purpose? How do I show up for the world? Inspiration! Inspiration is the driving force behind me. Inspiration reminds me of who I am and what I am here for. Inspiration is my muse and my love. Inspiration is the breakfast, lunch and dinner behind creativity, behind human accomplishments! Do you want to take your life to the next level? If you do, you need inspiration! Join me for an unforgettable Evening of Inspiration, Gong Healing and Book Signing! See you soon?….. <3


Read Only If You Are Superachiever

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I am Talented. I have a vision. I know what I want. I am willing. But I can’t see myself from behind. I need a feedback, an accountability and a mentorship. Sometimes I need a kick in the butt. Most important I need someone to believe in me, and to inspire me. Sometimes I think I’m amazing, but it gets me nowhere. Then this coach comes to me and shows me all the places where I could have improved. This could save me years of frustration. Sometimes I feel like I’m going nowhere, I feel like a failure, I feel like I can’t do it. The coach stands by me, holds my vision, helps me to heal and breakthrough the blocks and believes in me completely! This coach is expensive, but what I get from this relationship is priceless. I get to be my best self! I know that I have a team, and my progress matters to this person! This person is proud of me! I am proud of me!… I love both positions; the one of the student and the one of the coach. I understand both equally well. It’s impossible to succeed unless you’ve been in both positions with the same rigor and drive, passion and devotion!

For 22 years I coached competitive figure skating. I yelled, pushed, pulled, begged, dragged, inspired, believed, sweet-talked, persuaded, hugged, told stories, commanded, shaped, listened to, healed and lead my students into the battles with their competitors, into the battles with themselves, into the battles for their self-worth, their place in the world, their knowing who they are, their confidence and hope, their passion and conviction. And then I repeated it all over for myself. This really have been my entire life, my purpose and my mission. That’s what I live for every day. This is not an average person’s lifestyle. But I’m not an average, I wake up early and go to sleep late. I practice my craft. I don’t watch TV. I meditate and journal. I believe that if I show up for the world, the world will show up for me. And even if it doesn’t, I show up for me; to be the best that I can be, and that is already enough. If you are like me, and this is the model of life you want to follow, I accept a very limited number of students that I will personally train to become a world-class YOU! If this message touches your heart, touches your soul, message me and we’ll talk about how you could become my student, become your best Self, become world-class MASTER!

With all my love!!!
Coach Faye

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