Traffic Ticket Lesson

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The police lights were flashing behind me.
“Shoot! What’s now?” I silently swore as I was pulling towards the curb. Second ticket in a week! What’s going on? I haven’t had tickets in 15 years!!! And this week – two!?! I was driving on the small suburban street, I didn’t text and I didn’t speed. I was in a hurry, though, to get to a networking event, wishing very much to be there on time — to set an example of honoring commitments. But it won’t happen today! It won’t happen, because I wasn’t self-aware, wasn’t in the moment, wasn’t focused and present.

I was sitting in a car waiting for the officer to approach me. A vision of a few unfortunate events of the recent past flashed through my mind. Feelings of intense sadness overcame me. I started sobbing feeling sorry for myself. Something was going on in my body; it urinated blood for a couple of days, I felt tired and bloated, scared too. My divorce just kicked in, and I was loosing my medical insurance and had to find and pay for a car insurance also … and now … another ticket!!! The officer bend over to bark out the contents of my offense. Stop sign!
“Lady, officer X. Did you see a Stop Sign?”
“Yes, officer, I did see it, and I believe I stopped!” I mumbled. I remembered slowing down at intersection. There was another car, coming from my left, but I was determined to be first! So I was, but not for long… I wasn’t fully conscious of what happened. I was thinking ahead, thinking of what I was going to say, rehearsing conversations with people at the event in my head… Now this conversation came to an abrupt end. I heard a small voice coming out of my mouth telling officer how I was dying being sick, having no money and going through divorce. Tears rolling down my cheeks confirmed authenticity of my victim’s story. The success of this operation depended on the softness of the officer’s heart, and his decision not to give me a ticket. He was sweet, empathetic and kind. Good man. He bought into my story, and felt sorry for me. He still gave me a well-deserved ticket.

I entered the freeway. Ticket was thrown on the passenger’s seat, with my coming-to-an-end-insurance and registration, the last documents of my married life. It was hard to see freeway through the eyes filled with water. But I wasn’t crying for my divorce, money, or health issues, not even for a ticket. I was crying in embarrassment of myself, for being weak, and for playing a victim. Every day I wake up, I do my morning ritual, work out, and set an intention of living my day as a world-class speaker, coach and a bestselling author. To be an inspiration to myself and others, to take responsibility for my feelings and actions. Every day I vow to set an example, to be my best Self! Everyday I push some limit! But now there was nothing inspiring about me. I was embarrassed by my little self hiding behind the excuses. I didn’t feel any empathy for a little girl who was afraid to be punished, who was caught doing something wrong, who was trying to protect herself by blaming the events of her life. I was angry with her, because she rubbed me of my confidence, rubbed me of my self-worth, my power… I was angry with my self … for giving my power away…

I am a bad girl… I ruined my mother’s confidence, my mother’s self-worth … shuttered my mother’s dreams … broke my mother’s heart….

…Mic in my hands. My voice comes out clear and strong. My posture is confident and powerful. Years of practice and training. My body knows how to take a stand. I speak of empowerment and inspiration. It’s a success. No one seems to notice what an incongruent liar I am. Back in my car, tormented by my emotions I can reflect on my feelings, judgements and beliefs, find the blocks and the issues to be healed.
Suddenly, in my minds eye I see a world-class skater making a gross mistake in the beginning of her program. It’s a crucial moment.
She can choose to decide that she is no longer a world-class athlete.
She can choose to decide that she is a loser who does not deserve to continue staying in competition.
Or she can choose to regroup and rebound, making the best of each moment that comes now, that comes next!
She can choose to see herself as a winner overcoming an obstacle.
Or she can choose to see herself as a lying impostor who didn’t deserve to have any success after making a mistake….
Here lies a lesson of humility, self-love and self-appreciation….

I saw the scared little one again. She was seven, cute, with this funky looking haircut, and the swollen red eyes….She was expecting the thunderous punishment for her behavior. She had to carry the burden of her mother’s self-worth on her shoulders…. “Sweetie, it’s not true that you are unworthy, or responsible for my worthiness! It’s not true! You are so beautiful, and strong, and I am proud of you! I hear how scared you were, and I get it! It’s okay. We learn and grow. And this is another opportunity for us! I am so proud of you for not giving up, and showing up, and doing your best! I am your biggest fan! I promise you to stand by your side every time you make mistakes, and every time you win! From now on, lets be a part of the same team!” I imagined holding her in my arms. She looked up at me and asked, “Could you share this story with others, maybe there is someone else out there who is struggling through the same issue…”

Morning After

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Whoa!!!!! This morning, still holding  photo-19

#1 in Winter Sports and Ice Skating in both Kindle Store and Books,
#3 in Transformational,
#19!!!! (Top20) in Personal Growth, next to no other than “Ask and it is Given” by Esther Hicks!!!! Wow!!!!
#42 in all the books on Spirituality!!!
#37 in all of sports!!!
This is just incredible!!!!

I once again want to thank you all!!!

What’s next?

An inspirational, potentially life transforming book is only that when it’s being read! Please, do read her! Come back to this page for discussion, ask questions, share insights, share how it moved you!

When I was a little girl I got inspired by one woman’s love and belief in me that I could create something big, that I had a huge potential in me! Later I found out that she was right, that I really did have that potential!!! Later still, I found out that EVERYONE has this humongous potential, and that I LOVE inspiring others to discover theirs! What happened here wasn’t about my book hitting #1, it wasn’t about ranking and pride, it was about experiment in discovering what’s possible for us when we decide to follow our dreams! In my life I faced many “nay”-sayers. Many of them were from my own family. That’s harder to deal with, because you know that they want what’s best for you, right? The truth is, they do! But!!!! They don’t know what’s best for you!!! No one does, except for you!!! YOU know what’s best for you!

Follow your heart!

Follow your dreams!

Follow your intuition!

Follow what inspires you!

Let Choreography of Awakening inspire you to not only discover your potential, but to follow your dreams! If you, like me, find joy and great sense of fulfillment in inspiring people to be the best they can be, and watch them unfold their magic, then the first most important step you must take is–get yourself inspired first!!!! Do something each day that will inspire you, infuse yourself with this great Divine energy! Every day I make it my business–to find a way to inspire myself! I MUST be inspired to inspire others! Reading books like Choreography of Awakening does that for me! It’s like a morning coffee for a day, only better!

Can’t wait to hear from you and get into conversation!!! Lots of LOVE!! Be inspired!!! And thank you for inspiring me today!!!!

Launch Update

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Image-2I’m so excited to share the updates on what’s happening!!!… and also ask for your help!!!

Today my new book, Choreography of Awakening, got launched! And She (I know, don’t ask me why my book is a “She”, but she is 😉 ) hit #1 in three categories so far! Thus, my excitement!!

#1 in Kindle Store, Category: Ice Skating
#1 in Books, Category: Ice Skating
#1 in Kindle Store, Category: Winter Sports
#2 in Books, Category: Winter Sports
#3 in Kindle Store: Category: Personal Transformation
#33 in Kindle Store: Category Personal Growth
This wouldn’t be possible without YOU, without YOUR support!!!!! You know who you are! 🙂
I am sooooo grateful!!!!

Now, those of you still on the fence, who haven’t jumped into the party yet, please do that now!!!

We can get the ranking higher, and hold it for longer! This is a competition. It is a competition, where buyers get to vote for their favorite title and author!

I coached athletes at National, International and Olympic levels! Folks, hitting these numbers, and feeling you behind me, feels just like winning Nationals! So much work, preparation, effort, sacrifices went in… All the people who supported me on this journey…. It’s really hard to imagine the amount of hours now… I am so humbled!!!! So grateful!!!

But the race is still on!

==> Here’s what I’d love your help with:

Can you please get your copy as a Kindle eBook at the special “launch” price of only $1.99, and or paperback for only $11.00! This promotion lasts only today! Tomorrow these prices will not be available. BTW, when you get paperback eBook download is FREE (today). Please, do download it too!!! Free Kindle download adds to ranking!

Get it here…

Choreography of Awakening

So, if you can grab a copy now for $1.99 that would be a huge GIFT to me, and a gift to YOU as you’ll be inspired by the powerful stories in the book, and being part of something magical!

Note:  You don’t need a Kindle device to read the book – you can download a free Kindle app for any device!

So, please get your copy now at:

Choreography of Awakening

Thank you!!!

Your purchase is a vote of support and encouragement for me– an affirmation that there is a place in the world for people like us who want to inspire and help others through the power of the written word.

Love & Light,


Progress of the Launch

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WoW!!!!!! We are doing awesome! Here are the statistics for now, 8:00 am on June 25thWinning the Race

Choreography of Awakening is:

#2 in Kindle Ice Skating Category
#3 in Books Ice Skating Category
#9 in Kindle Personal Growth/Transformation Category!!!!!!

We are really close to hit #1 in any one of these categories!!!

We are #5,906 in the entire Amazon!!!!! That’s out of proximately 129 million copies!!!!

Please, keep it coming! And don’t forget to e-mail me!!!!

Thank you so much to all of you, who have stepped in already! And Please do post comments, and tell your friends about this campaign! I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!

To buy my book go here:

Choreography of Awakening

Book Launch Coming Close!!!

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Tonight! At Midnight I launch my book on! Well, officially it’s tomorrow…. But tomorrow starts at midnight, right?  So technically….

Okay, I don’t want to confuse you :).

So, yeah! Launching !!! Whoa! 2.5 years in making!
To celebrate this event, I dropped all my royalties and commissions so that anyone could afford to buy a book… or two… or three….

From midnight tonight, till midnight tomorrow night, paperback edition is offered for only $11.00! or e-book on Kindle for $1.99!!!
Personally, I am an old-fashioned gal, and love to hold the real book in my hands, but if you like the convenience of immediate download, convenient storage, etc. definitely go for Kindle.

Ohhhh, did I mention give-aways?!?!

The first 20 buyers will get Ken Dickson’s Kindle-version book– Detour From Normal. Check it out, he’s story will blow your mind away!

The first 3 buyers will get 30 min coaching session with me in person or Skype! I wish I could give away more sessions, but my time-resource is limited, so act fast!

What is the purpose of this launch? To drive up the ranking of the book to best-selling list. That is one of the way of making my dream a reality. My grand purpose is to awaken the inner potential in my readers, my clients…. all I come into contact with. There is a way to create our lives at a higher level! My book brings that message through. It inspires and empowers people.

See what some of my readers are saying about my book:

“I am loving your book…” ,
“Your book is helping me to stay focused…,”
“I finished your book last week-WOW!”….
”Loving your book…,”
“I LOVE your book! It’s full of wisdom, magic and it’s fun to read!”
“It’s breathtaking! Powerful! It suffocated me in the throat area…”
“I LOVE your book….I’m waking up the sleeping dragon….sparked some really fun, really intense, surprising energies in me…I LOVE IT!”
“I just finished your book! I loved it!!!! This WILL be a best seller!!!”
“I am so so thankful for your gift of honesty that stirred my soul. This book will change lives…..”

Now, we all know people who go only after status. They buy things from special brands… they follow someone with a celebrity status… in other words, they go for prestige! That means that there are many well-written books with amazing messages that never reach their audience, because these books don’t have “best-sellers’ status attached to them, and their authors don’t have a big list of friends! But, when a book has this “BEST-SELLER” status, it has a chance! I know, it’s sad, but that’s how it is! Your buying my book tomorrow will give it that chance!

So… I will be waiting to receive a contact-form from you through my website, or just drop me a short e-mail, letting me know that you bought a book and in which format, and I’ll personally thank you, and will let you know if you are a winner of one of the giveaways.
Please share this with your family, friends, colleagues, students…and ask them to share….

Thank you so much for participating and supporting me!

Love, Love, Love!!!! book launch-party

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pic 3

My dear friends, family and supporters,

I am so excited to invite you to participate in my first on-line-book-launch-party on Wednesday, June 25th!

Many of you have watched and been inspired of this dream coming true that took over two and a half years to create, and a lifetime of hard work, learning and dedication to even come close to the point of conception. In the video below I’ve tried to capture the essence of this journey. I know it is my journey; however, it isn’t mine alone, it is ours, it is yours, and it is a hero’s journey! “Choreography of Awakening” is a metaphor, guide and inspiration. It was written with that intention, with the intention to awaken your absolute highest potential and discover your purpose. As I wrote sentence after sentence, word after word, chapter after chapter, I was discovering truths hidden beneath the fabric of our perceived reality. I didn’t know how it would unfold, how it will be received, how it will find its way to survival. And then, the comments from my first readers started coming in:
“I love your book…”,
“Your book is helping me to stay focused…,”
“I finished your book last week-WOW!”….
”Loving your book…,”
“I LOVE your book! It’s full of wisdom, magic and it’s fun to read!”
“It’s breathtaking! Powerful! It suffocated me in the throat area…”
“I LOVE your book….I’m waking up the sleeping dragon….sparked some really fun, really intense, surprising energies in me…I LOVE IT!”
“I just finished your book! I loved it!!!! This WILL be a best seller!!!”
“I am so thankful for your gift of honesty that stirred my soul. This book will change lives…..”

I can’t tell you how humbling this was and is! And I so hope that those of you who’ve been on the fence, who haven’t experienced my book yet, will now!
On Wednesday, June 25th, my book will be offered on sale for $11.00, which is more than 45% off the suggested retail price. For those of you, who are Kindle lovers, it will be offered at $1.99. In addition, my fellow friend, colleague and writer Ken Dickson, will gift the first 20 buyers a Kindle version of his book– “Detour from Normal”. And lastly, the first three buyers will receive a 30 min coaching session in person, or can Skype with me personally! How does that work? Once you purchase your copy, Kindle or paperback, email your receipt through the contact form on my website. This offer will only be available on Wednesday, June 25th. This launch will help to drive “Choreography of Awakening” to the best-selling list. I know it’s possible! I invite you to be a part of one little girl’s dream…. From the bottom of my heart–I thank you…

Dedicated to my late parents: Gita and Valery Kovler..

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