The Next Level

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I hear all the time, people and coaches talk about “taking it to the next level.” This is a special lingo at the beginning of the year especially! People are excited about it!
It reminded me of the time when I coached skating, and I got a 5-year old new student, a little boy. I asked him what did he want to learn and he proudly told me that he wanted to go to the Olympics. “That’s a fantastic goal!” I said, “What is Olympics?”
Boy: “I don’t know.”
I: “Why do you want to go there?”
Boy: “My mom said it’s good!”
I find that we throw words like “Going to the next level” in the same manner as the little boy was talking Olympics. In skating when we were talking levels, it meant learning a new jump, or qualifying to Nationals, or reaching a particular score at a competition. It was clear, measurable and timed. When this “Next Level” is defined in specific actions it is attainable. So, what is your “Next Level” this year?
Mine: releasing new product line and online course, and getting a major speaking engagement (in the outer life), (in the inner life) become more consistent with my morning rituals than last year, and take bolder action in moving forward so I can trust myself more. Now these ‘more’ and ‘bolder’ are measurable for me because I track every single one of my days and very aware of my performance. Would love to hear about your Next Level!

On this Christmas Eve

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Christmas Eve, again. It holds so many meanings for each of us. A season of giving, loving, celebrating and reflecting. For some of us, it is an evening of Joy for others regrets and sadness. I feel as if I’ve been avoiding writing this letter to you. After all, my cup has been full in the past couple of months, and I seriously didn’t have the time or mental power to think beyond the immediacy of what my plate was holding in front of me. I am grateful for this day, as I chose to stop, reflect and finally write this letter. Honestly, I have not been practicing the art of writing for almost two months. I feel clunky and cumbersome. Words come with difficulty. I could easily send out a card or few words of “Blessings for Holiday Season” and ‘Thinking of you.” However, I wanted this to be meaningful and transformational for you, the reader, and for me, the writer. It is my intention to use every moment in service to learning and growing, and writing is one of those moments. As I am writing this in my office, looking out of the window, it’s hailing! Is it a sign? Perhaps. I want my words to land on you today like hail lands on the earth. It falls hard, with an impact, and then melts as it hits the ground, penetrating the surface with its life-bearing power. What words could I choose to bring this bang?
A quote, pinned to my refrigerator comes to mind. When I first heard it, it hit me like lightning. The simplicity and truth, reflection and call to action. Today I want to gift you with these words, as well as to endow you with the responsibility to share them with others if you feel so called.

“People live the same year 75 times and call it life.”

I hope you shook your head, exhaled and said, “I am so grateful it’s not me! I kick ass every day and live my life with purpose and mission, joy and service. I wake up every morning with enthusiasm and question “what’s next?” and make bold strokes in the direction of my dreams.”
However, if reading this left you feeling regretful, then perhaps, this letter is your call to action, the whisper of your heart, the longing of your soul. I know the pain of starting over. It’s hard and clunky. But you are not alone. In the darkest moments of our lives when nothing seems to work, and no one seems to care, remember that! Receiving this letter today is the proof of that! As the Christmas morning sun will rise upon you, you will remember Today is the first day of the new, exciting, fulfilling, meaningful, inspiring, bold, creative, courageous, awakened, authentic, compassionate, disciplined, energized, abundant, enthusiastic, healthy, caring, loving life. Because you choose that for yourself! And when you make this choice, please share it with me, and that will be your gift to me.

Merry Christmas!

Seven Tips to Energize and Inspire Yourself Every Day of Your Life

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7 Tips to Energize and Inspire Yourself Every Day of Your Life

“How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives..” ~ A. Dillard

Seven Tips to Energize and Inspire Yourself Every Day of Your Life

1. Create a daily ritual you can rely on, and stick to it. It will take you through the most difficult situations.

2. Eat wholesome, living foods and exercise. It will give you the energy to do what you want to do, and help you enjoy it as well.

3. Read inspiring literature daily! It will keep your goals and aspirations alive, and remind you why you do what you do.

4. Stay true to yourself. You know what you need, you know what you want, and you KNOW how to get there! Trust your most knowledgeable adviser –intuition.

5. Be original! You are one of a kind, a unique expression of the Divine. No one can be better at being you, than you. Don’t look around. Stay focused and develop the best possible You, you can imagine!

6. Whatever you do, always seek for ways to inspire yourself and others. When you uplift someone, you lift yourself. Consciously look for something positive in those around you!

7. You can only live in the HERE and NOW.

Past is filled with regrets-learn your lessons, forgive and let go. Future is filled with anxieties-be grateful for warnings and return into the NOW. NOW is the time to create.

How do you inspire yourself? Any tips?

Do you know what does every Olympic athlete has in common?

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COACH. Athletes hire coaches because they want to reach their potential, get results, become the best they can be. They can’t do it alone. They want support, feedback, acknowledgment, accountability, push and a pull. They want a coach who will inspire them, believe in them, and hold the vision for them of what’s possible.

If you are not an athlete you might ask, “Why should I consider hiring a coach? What are the benefits of powerful coaching? How can it serve me?”

I am glad you’ve asked. Perhaps you are already successful in what you are doing but feel stuck at the level you are at.

You know you are way more capable, but can’t seem to break through some habits that are holding you back. You want to create a greater impact in the world as a leader, be more fulfilled, inspired, balanced, have more energy and fun. Maybe you feel your life lost its meaning and you want to find a new purpose, reignite passion. Maybe it’s time to explore what’s possible for you!

Uncover your hidden capacities and blind spots so that you can make more confident choices to achieve the impact you want to have in your life.

Align all of your capacities to the key challenges you face and leading from this integrated perspective.

Create a compelling future state that will powerfully move you or your organization forward.

Integrate new or refined behaviors and identifying high-leverage actions that will elevate your own performance and that of your organization.

Redefine your notion of success as originating from the essence of who you are as a person and how you impact others.

Deepen your understanding of yourself.

A Manchester Consulting Group study of Fortune 100 executives reported that “coaching resulted in a Return On Investment of almost six times the program cost as well as improvements in relationships, teamwork, job satisfaction and quality.” If you are a forward thinking leader and can see that Transformational Coaching will further you, then your next step is simple.

Feel free to schedule a Coaching Session with me today to find out how I can help.

To your success,

Coach Faye

Celebrate with Me on my Mom’s 68th Birthday

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Hey Champions,

Today is a really special day for me. Today would have been my Mom’s 68th birthday if she didn’t transition 5 years ago… Yet, I want to celebrate my Mamochka with you, because without her I wouldn’t be who I am today. Truth be told, we didn’t always have a beautiful relationship, there were a lot of difficulties and personality clashes.  I didn’t always appreciate who she was. However, all past hurts aside, Mamochka taught me critical life lessons, such as believing in myself. No, she never told me, ”Faen’ka, believe in yourself…” She taught me by example, by the way she approached life. Unfortunately, I didn’t realize this until a year after she passed, and I was writing my book “Choreography of Awakening”.  As I was working on the chapter about my mom, I suddenly saw her differently! I saw a courageous little woman in her 40’s coming to America without much education, English, or money. How relentlessly she was creating an American Dream for herself and her family; never taking “no” for an answer, always pushing. She helped thousands of new, scared immigrants to start new lives in America. She was not a life coach like I am, she worked as an admissions director at the vocational school in New York City. After her passing, people would call me and share stories of my Mom, and how she changed their lives. I would just sit, listen, and wonder that I am actually living my life in the footsteps of my Mom’s.

So today is Mamochka’s 68th birthday. I wish I could gift her my book, and she could go on and brag about it to her friends…But…she never got to see it… So… instead, I decided to give my book to you, in her honor. See the link below.

Click here to get your FREE book.

Please be sure to read Chapter 8. It is called “I know I can”. It’s about my parents. It’s about beliefs. It’s about perseverance.  Their story is so inspiring! It will inspire you to Make the Impossible Possible! Because “there are no limits in human potential, there are limits in human beliefs!” Use the link below and get my book today for free.

Claim your FREE book here.

It’s only available through the weekend in honor of my mom’s birthday. Celebrate with me! Share with your mom! Follow your heart and know, that I believe in you!

With much love and gratitude,

Coach Faye

Find Your OLYMPIC Quest

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February 12, 2006. Geneva. My plane landed and I entered the luggage area to pick up my bags. I was in a daze. Was this really happening?!? Only 48 hours ago I was giving my final words of encouragement to my celebrity student— Sasha Cohen, en route to her Olympic battle for the coveted goal— an Olympic Gold Medal. As I gave her my final hug, she looked at me and casually asked, “Could you do me a favor?” “Anything you want, Sasha!” “Can you meet me in Italy tomorrow?” I was startled, confused, surprised at the very least. I wanted to go so badly, but she never asked, not until this last moment, and I already accepted the fact that I wasn’t going with her. But in those few seconds everything changed. I gasped for air, “Yes!”

Now, two days later I was in Geneva, trying to figure out my way to the small Italian village in the heart of the Alps, where I was going to train Sasha for the dream of her life. Somewhere deep inside me I knew that this trip was going to change my life. Yet, I never imagined the magnitude of what was actually happening. I thought my stellar career in coaching skating is finally going to be what I have always dreamt about…

But Sasha made a small split second mistake in her performance and the Olympic Gold Medal, the dream of a life was lost. It was that quick! In a split second, lives were changed, and they went on the soul-searching journeys for an answer.

Perhaps, it’s not a surprise that the Olympics became a point of transformation for all of us, for myself. Weaknesses are revealed under pressure, and here I realized that to succeed at a higher level I needed something more than just skills, I needed a mindset, a purpose, a vision. Heart. I didn’t know that to acquire these “skills” I will start my life over, earn new degrees, write a book, learn  public speaking, speak at conferences, radio shows and TV, change careers, get divorced… I didn’t know that an innocent  sentence “Could you meet me in Italy tomorrow?” could transform one’s life and shift the direction of a lifetime. It’s impossible to convey the lessons learned on this quest in a few sentences.

But this week I am celebrating 10 years of my rebirth. 10 years of search, struggles and wins in every imaginable way: mentally, physically, emotionally, financially, but most importantly: spiritually! The journey led me to discovering my answers to forever questions humans asked throughout the millennia: Who am I? Why am I here? What is my contribution into the world? My discoveries can be read in my book: Choreography of Awakening.

Get your copy here!

It begins with my journey to the 2006 Winter Olympics in Torino, and shares with you the lessons learned on the path. If you are someone who is asking yourself those three existential questions, going through the pains of transformation, or looking for the ways to make sense of life and get the best out of it, then you MUST read my book. It will change your life as sure as the stories in it have changed mine. On this 10 year anniversary I decided to autograph 100 copies of my book for those motivated to step up and change their lives. If that’s you, go to my website and order your copy today! I will hand write a customized, meaningful message to you alone!

I have also decided to choose 5 readers for a personal discovery coaching session, valued at $550! For your coaching session, help me understand your performance dreams by filling out the performance evaluation questionnaire.

We will dive-in into answering your own existential questions of Who you are? Why are you here? What is your contribution into the world? Or any other question you may have.

Fill out the Performance Evaluation Questionnaire now!

For those of you who just want to get a taste of Choreography of Awakening, put your name and email in and receive a free chapter of my book as my personal gift to you. Champions take action! They know what they want and they go for it!


Find your Olympic quest!!!

Coach Faye

An Inspiring Book To Read Plus Bonus Gifts To Help You Succeed And Prosper

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A White Hat and Rose Colored Glasses ss

Today I’m sending you an incredible offer — this week my friend Susan Sherbert is releasing an amazing new book and I think you are really going to enjoy her insights.  “A White Hat & Rose Colored Glasses: Unlocking Your Power Through Clarity & Action” is all about rediscovering the imagination, confidence, and fearless thinking you had as a child. Her lessons and stories help you fight through your limiting beliefs to achieve more success in both your personal life and in business.

As part of a combined effort to change lives and make the launch of Susan’s thought-provoking new book a success, you will receive FREE bonus material from some amazing business partners and lifestyle experts. Read more about these inspiring gifts at because when you order this book online during this initial launch period, within minutes you will have access to bonus eBooks, movies, mini-courses, and meditations — $1500 worth of material.
Susan Sherbert’s book has already received glowing early endorsements from people like Mike Ludlum, VP of Operations for Entrepreneur Magazine:
“Susan Sherbert’s remarkable insights will help you transform your old way of
thinking and have you looking at problems from a different angle. Being fearless
enough to think big and remove the cloud of doubt and self-defeating thinking
to achieve a clear vision are essential for success in the business world. Susan’s book
gives you all the tools you need to see where you’re going and what you need to do to
win. A must-read for any entrepreneur!”

Along with this must-read book, you will gain access to amazing coaching material, ebooks, and inspirational videos that will help you grow and become more successful — $1,500 in value for less than $15. All you need to do is send your Amazon receipt or order confirmation or fill out the form on to instantly gain access to your awesome bundle of gifts.

After reading only a few pages you will be thanking me for recommending this
. “A White Hat & Rose Colored Glasses” shares some truly interesting lessons Susan has gained over the years. Her simple yet often profound approach will…
  • Help you reinvigorate your imagination and creativity
  • Offer practical advice to help you see the things you need to see
  • Show you how to avoid over-thinking in many situations
  • Discover sparks of inspiration to find the clarity that leads to your success
  • Improve your confidence so you are more willing to try new things
  • Motivate you to find your passion and vision for a better you
  • Create a simplified approach to bring awareness to your limiting beliefs
The book is also easy to read with a plentiful helping of humor and perspective-changing anecdotes! And of course, when you order now you will receive free gifts from experts, life-coaches, business owners, and bestselling authors like Ursula Mentjes, Wendy Merron, Jennifer Urezzio, Michelle Skaletski-Boyd, Dr. Joe Rubino, Estra Roell, Leisa Reid, and so many more. You can read all about these wonderful people and wonderful gifts at

Right now is your opportunity to grab Susan Sherbert’s book about finding clarity and action by discovering the power of child-like thinking, and gain access to an extraordinary package of gifts from people who motivate, inspire, and help others find their purpose, passion, and success!

Shift those limiting beliefs and start your journey now! Order Your Copy Today!!

Coach Faye

Finding Your Identity as a Public Speaker

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Finding Your Identity as a Public Speaker

“What do you do?” I am asked by a woman at a networking event.

“I am a world-class speaker, bestselling author, and top performance mastery coach!” I boldly and confidently reply.

Her eyebrows fly high. She looks perplexed. Such arrogance is unnerving. However, I am not concerned with her feelings. I say these words at every opportunity I get. It’s my mantra. I am not saying these words to impress or to brag. I am training my subconscious mind to know who I am, and what I intend. I train my gut! I train my heart! I train every cell of my body! My mind will have to work for me to serve me in creating my “world-class” identity.

“So, are you famous?” she may timidly ask. “Um, no. Not YET!…”

By the look on her face, I conclude that she is confused. Why am I saying that I am world-class if I am not famous? This is where the interesting discussion takes place.

“Why aren’t you learning all you can about mediation?” I ask my lawyer-client, who came to me to work on her confidence and empowerment.

“What’s the use?” she says, “I am not doing it right now anyway. When I will do mediations, then I’ll learn all I need for a client.”

“We need to schedule lessons to work on mental preparation for a competition,” I tell a mother of one of my skating students.

“Yes, we’ll do that when she makes it to Nationals. If she doesn’t make it, it won’t matter anyway, right?”

I hear this all the time. And the sad truth is, this lawyer will not work with clients, and this student will not make it to Nationals. Why? Because we get what we believe in. If I believed that I will for sure work with clients, or make it to Nationals, I wouldn’t mind putting in extra effort, and finding ways of making it happen! But if you have a fear or doubt of failure, you won’t invest your time, energy, or money, so you’ll look for an excuse not to do it. Most of the people live in the paradigm “I’ll believe it, when I see it, show me the results, and I will follow!”

What is Your Message?

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“If you bring forth what is within you,

What you bring forth will save you.

If you do not bring forth what is within you,

What you do not bring forth will destroy you.”

-Gospel of St. Thomas


“You are not here to tell stories. You are here to deliver a message.” I woke up one day with this phrase spinning in my head like a mantra. It got me thinking, and it got me a whole new career I had no intention of pursuing (at first)… I wrote a book and became a “messenger”…

I am here to deliver a message to you…

            Message—is the energy in the story,

            It is “Water” in the container, 

            “Medicine” in the pill.

It transforms people’s lives and it lives through the ages.  You have a message to deliver. As a matter of fact, your entire life is this message.

The other day I told you how critical your story, your voice, your presence, your body language are for success…. All of the above are the tools of delivery! But what will you deliver?

What is your message?

What is your promise?

What do you want your audience to learn?

What do you want them to learn about you?

Why is it important to you?

Why should it be important to them?

Who are they?

In my Warrior Speaker Boot Camp, we will touch upon these questions and more to connect you to your core, your why, your purpose and the authentic message that only you can bring forth to the world, and you must! We will also discuss and practice techniques of audience control and preparing yourself for speaking.

Only 1 day left to register and only 3 spots left. You have opened this email, you are reading these words. You know that I am speaking directly to you right now.


Register here.

I see YOU on Saturday.

Coach Faye


Are you saying what you are saying?

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“If you want to find the truth, do not listen to the  words coming to you. Rather see the body language of the speaker. It speaks the fact not audible.” ~Bhavesh Chhatbar 

Did you know that only 8% of our communication is communicated through words? Body language accounts for 55%!  How aware are you of your body language? What are you saying without saying?

Watch this video to learn more:

In my Warrior Speaker Boot Camp I will teach you the techniques on how to improve your body language.

“I got sooooo much from this group! Thank you!!!!… In no way it could be done “home alone”.  Need a Coach Faye Kitariev M.A. and a group!” Irina Shulkin, previous WSBC attendee.

To register for the WSBC click this link.

This is your chance to learn body language of confidence and success and dramatically increase your effectiveness in all areas of your life. If you haven’t yet, be sure to claim your place right now. Only 5 seats left. Register here.

The next person to sign up will receive a Bonus: a 45 minute 1-on-1 Discovery session with coach Faye personally, valued at $500.  Only 1 Bonus session left.

If you are my previous, or current student or a graduate of WSBC and would like to repeat the training, email Heart ( and receive a 25% discount code.


To your success,

Coach Faye

P.S. Tomorrow we will take on Elevator Speech.

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