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Date: December 31, 1969
Time: 12:00 am
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Warrior Speaker Boot Camp

Join the Warrior Speaker Boot Camp on January 30-31, 2016 at 11:30AM-6:30PM at 35 Oak Tree Ln, Irvine, CA.

This is the one and only Warrior Speaker Boot Camp led by world class coach, speaker and bestselling author Faye Kitariev, M.A.

You will LEARN and PRACTICE:
– Powerful warm-up rituals of the world’s leading speakers
– Writing your own signature story
– Sharing your story for the biggest emotional impact
– Using your body as a powerful tool for story-telling
– Owning your space and commanding your audience
– Developing confidence
– Acquiring vocal variety and power
– Staying calm under pressure
– Positioning yourself as an expert
– Caring for yourself as a speaker
– Presence and performance secrets of the world’s best athletes, dancers, actors and speakers

If you are a business owner, author, executive or professional of any kind you know that your success closely correlates with your ability to present yourself and to communicate your vision. To be successful in today’s world, you must be heard and seen. This training gives you the skills to do exactly that.


Why Warrior Speaker Boot Camp?

When Coach Faye wrote her bestselling book Choreography of Awakening, she realized that if she didn’t develop a powerful presence as a speaker, her book would be lost among millions of others. She also knew that it wasn’t enough simply to learn how to speak. She had to become a master storyteller and world-class speaker. Coach Faye invested hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars in learning from the most recognized names in the field. She sought out and studied with luminaries Brendon Burchard, Bo Eason, Josh Pais, Roger Love and many more. Her efforts paid off as she started getting speaking invitations, each of which culminated in standing ovations. She was chosen for a Member Moment by Toastmasters International out of 313,000 members in 126 countries. She was invited to mentor TEDx speakers. Her book became an Amazon #1 bestseller, and her income doubled. She realized she had developed a specialized and effective technique that could empower and inspire others.

Coach Faye will share her own method of teaching powerful speaking skills distilled from her unique training and life experience. This includes 25 years of coaching world class figure skaters, decades of intensive acting training, yoga teacher certification, years of study in martial arts, improv, creative writing, and marketing as well as a Master’s Degree in Psychology.

You will develop new skills, have tremendous fun, and take your career to a new level. This is a one of a kind twelve-hour intensive offered at a ridiculously low price of only $217.00.


REGISTER early. Space is limited for this one-time event and will be sold out.