Faye Kitariev coached competitive figure skaters for over twenty years. During this time, she came to a difficult realization: physical talent alone was not sufficient for success. Skaters with a clear vision, firm beliefs, and strong purpose were more likely to meet their goals, even when competing against arguably more talented competition. Looking for a way to help people realize their dreams, Faye compared the steps for success to the twelve elements of the long skating program. Each element of the program is vital to the final performance, with each step in the process intimately connected to the next. As with skating success in life depends on careful attention to, and focus on, all steps in the road to personal transformation. Using the long program as an easily-understood metaphor, Faye guides readers as they open themselves to life’s possibilities and move from inspiration and purpose to personal transformation and achieving their goals. Faye supports each step in the transformative process with insightful and inspiring autobiographical stories and tales of her clients, all of whom are on their way to mastering the Choreography of Awakening.

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