“This book weaves mystical experiences with practical insights in a passionate tale of wonder and discovery. Let Faye Kitariev lead you far away from your comfort zone, dance in the desert with the Dragon and find yourself renewed and powerful beyond belief.”

~Mike Dooley, www.tut.com, NY Times Bestselling Author of “Infinite Possibilities: The Art of Living Your Dreams.” 

“This beautifully written book is filled with simple wisdom I am certain will enrich your life. It is a testimonial that any path traveled with openness rather than resistance to life’s experience is a worthy road to travel. And I love the way Faye weaved her figure skating metaphors into the fabric.”

~H. Ronald Hulnick, Ph.D., President, University of Santa Monica and Co-Author of “Loyalty To Your Soul”

“I highly recommend this passionate book…sit back and allow Faye Kitariev’s poetic energy as a storyteller to choreograph your own dance of transformation and excitement for a future full of possibilities.”

~Steve Chandler, the author of “Time Warrior” 

“Faye Kitariev is a brilliant artist and coach and helped me achieve so many of my dreams and overcome multiple struggles. Her strength and brilliance are an inspiration on and off the ice. This book can help anyone believe in themselves and believe in their power within.”

~Johnny Weir, 3 times US National Figure Skating Champion, 2-Time Olympic Competitor, World Bronze Medalist, Movie and TV Star

“Faye Kitariev’s book is an inspirational journey of artistry and sport!  A must read for anyone looking to inspire themselves to a greater understanding!”

~Phillip Mills, World & Olympic Figure Skating Choreographer

“After reading this book, not only do I feel validated in my own feelings of spirituality and community with the Divine through movement and choreography within my own skating, but I feel inspired to continue on the path of growth and learning in all aspects of my life… Inspired to seek  out change and knowledge; embrace the possibilities that can become realities when I reflect on past experiences, own my fears, and find the “why’s” behind my future “wants”.I believe the principles explained within “Choreography of Awakening” are both enlightening and illuminating, stirring the soul, spirit and mind. A must read!”

~Wesley Campbell, 11 time U.S. National Figure Skating Competitor

“Faye’s book makes you realize that it is possible to attain your life goals no matter what the situation, she has a deep passion for everything she does, and I was truly inspired.”

~Galit Chait-Moracci, World Bronze Figure Skating Medalist, 3-time Olympic Competitor, World and  Olympic Coach

“Faye has a gift for seeing the impossible as possible, and for creating a picture of that possibility for all of us to experience. It is easy to see how she so successfully coached young skaters to the levels of excellence they achieved. Using story, metaphor, intuition and humor, she shows us her own courageous journey, both on the external from immigrant to coach of stars, but more importantly on the inner journey, the life long journey, to authentic success. Once I started it, I couldn’t put it down.”

~Rory Cohen, MPH, MA, SCPC, President, take10now.com, the author of “Take 10: How to Achieve Your Someday Dreams in 10 Minutes a Day” 

“Coach Faye Kitariev in the most humble way, shares her personal journey as a young Russian skater, to a championship coach, giving us an inside look at the world of Championship figure skating, and her own process of self-discovery. “Choreography of Awakening” inspires us with its unmistakable message, discovered along the way by the author, that “There are no limits to human potential”.  This book can change your life.”

~Christopher Connolly, MA, University of Santa Monica Faculty Member, Writer & Composer

“Faye Kitariev presents us a wonderful example of what it takes for one to process their life experience.  She bravely moves into the biggest of life’s questions; “What has my life experience given me? Who am I choosing to become? What does my future hold in relation to my life purpose?” These are not easy questions, but Faye knows that the key to life, is to go through a process that makes sense of it all. I am touched by her authenticity and courage. Her writing flows smoothly and the skating metaphor can be applied to all of our lives. I know that I am not alone in expressing gratitude that this Dragon has awakened!”

~Mark “Dr. DREAM” Peebler, International Speaker, Radio Host, Holistic Healing Practitioner

“Every so often, a book comes along that can’t help but improve your life. Faye Kitariev’s A Choreography of Awakening is one such book. Faye interweaves words of wisdom with hard-earned personal experience to lead readers on an enlightening journey of discovery. With each heartfelt chapter, readers will feel a transformation, and if they don’t, Faye’s insightful practice lessons at the end of every chapter are sure to help them along. Take the time to read this rare gem. You’ll be glad you did.”

~Ken Dickson, the Author of “Detour from Normal”

“This book is a fascinating comparison of learning to perform on the ice and performing well in life.  Faye Kitariev believes there are no limits in life; the only limit is our ability to learn and believe in ourselves.  Although not a skater myself, I particularly liked the link between learning to do difficult jumps on the ice and learning to face life’s difficulties successfully.  The author tells us in carefully created chapters, each with its own reference to ice skating, what we need to do to achieve our life goals.  This well-written book may provide your path to further success.”

~Judge, 23rd Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards